The Gender Gap in Retirement

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The eairwoman app

“eairwoman”Pronounced ‘air woman’, our app is designed to empower Australian women to take control of their finances and achieve their retirement goals through Empowerment -> Agency -> Investment -> Retirement
WHOAustralian Women 20 – 65 Years will be sent a coupon to extend their free trial period for an additional 12 months. We will do this every year for as long as they wish to stay registered with eairwoman.
WHYMost Australian women retire with a fraction of the super or savings of Australian men
WHATAn app that provides education as well as a tool  to help plan for your retirement. We do not sell financial products !
HOWBy promoting financial literacy and providing an  app so that managing finances is no longer predominately a patriarchal role
KISS PrincipleWe make planning for retirement and managing your savings and investment plans easy, fast and private
PRIVATEYour planning and achievements don’t leave our website except if you ever decide to share them.

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